Freemasons of Bassetlaw spread the word

barry lord

The Bassetlaw Action Group, one of the charities who are supported by the Freemasons of Bassetlaw (F of B), invited us to one of their meetings in order for the F of B to better appreciate the vital work the Action Group do in providing transport for the ill and disabled.

The F and B support included the purchase of equipment to enable The Action Group to provide people with easy access into or out of the voluntary vehicles with minimal assistance when travelling to and from Hospital visits or other clinics and medical appointments.

They also invited us to give a brief talk about Freemasonry in general and the F of B in particular. Colin Meakin, Mick Allen and Barry Lord, “eagerly availed themselves of this opportunity”. Twenty-four members of the Action Group were treated to an informative talk by Barry Lord about the organisation, its history and objectives. Barry started by explaining what Freemasonry was not and then went on to briefly explain one of the theories of how the organisation started many hundreds of years ago and how it became such a world wide charitable organisation. The talk seemed to be well received and led to many questions which Barry did his best to answer with openness and honesty.