Facebook Security Update

facebook security1The Provincial Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/nottinghamshiremasons) is attracting a lot of followers - but there are still members for whom Facebook remains a mystery, a threat.

Security needn't be an issue, and you only need to divulge as much (or little) personal information as YOU fell comfortable with - you are in control; Big Brother isn't with us just yet (not quite!).

To allay any fears, and gently lead would-be Facebook members into the fray, I've located a couple of excellent guides - which are attached.

I look forward to meeting you on the Provincial Facebook Page!

Download 'Facebook - A beginner's Guide'
Download 'Facebook Privacy Guide'
These booklets are large PDF files (3mB+) and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.
You can get Acrobat Reader here.