Craft Lodge Mentors' Meetings 2017

In November 2016 two Lodge Mentors’ Meetings were held at Goldsmith Street and Mansfield Masonic Halls, where 80% of the Lodge Mentors attended, together with many other Brethren who declared an interest in the scheme, raising positive feedback resulting in:

  • Commencement of ad hoc Mentor’s Briefing Sheets being forwarded by the Provincial Grand Mentor.
  • Application forms for Initiates Guides from Lodge Mentors direct to the Provincial Grand Mentor.
  • Revised Annual Mentors Report to the Provincial Grand Master
  • Guidance Notes to Lodges being re-written together with a new preface from the Provincial Grand Master; forwarded as an electronic document to all Lodge Mentors and Secretaries of Craft Lodges.
  • Requests that Annual Lodge Mentors Meetings continue to be held.

In addition, the Initiates Guide was updated and reprinted. These remain free to all Initiates and £4.00 to any other Brother wishing to purchase a copy. Initial applications direct to the Provincial Grand Mentor at:

In view of the above, TWO FURTHER LODGE MENTORS’ MEETINGS will be held this year (2017) with an open invitation to any Personal Mentors or other Brethren who may have an interest in the scheme.

Everyone will all be made very welcome but must book their place through Neil Airey, the Provincial Grand Mentor:

Saturday 18th November 2017 10am - 12 noon
Nottingham Masonic Hall
25 Goldsmith Street

Saturday 25th November 2017 10am - 12 noon
Mansfield Masonic Hall
155 Nottingham Road
NG18 4AE

Please arrive by 9:30am for Registration, Tea & Coffee, allowing for a PROMPT 10am start.