Clifton Chapter


And so to Clifton Chapter did two Notts Sojourners go on June the 22nd. The invitation was to deliver, or to be more precise assist in the delivery of an explanation of the Royal Arch exaltation (initiation) ceremony. The Chapter had the pleasure of having as guests the Provincial 3rd Grand Principal, Steve Haywood, and the past Provincial Scribe E. David Scully (now chair of the MFG) both elegantly displaying the new Royal Arch socks!

As always, Clifton Chapter extended a warm and fraternal welcome, and the evening was especially enjoyable due to the effort made by those members of the chapter who took a “role” in the evening's activities - all the work delivered by the members was faultless.

Particularly worthy of mention is the work done by the most recent addition to the Nottinghamshire Sojourners team, Companion Craig Staples, who gave an excellent delivery and his contribution was warmly congratulated.

At the Festive Board we were unusually treated to a recital from a female quartet “Pink Notes” (accompanied by Vivienne the pianist) and a number of songs were delivered, solo, duo, and trio with great aplomb and verve; and although the singing was beautiful I am not sure that the song “I know him so well” was the best choice for the particular audience but hey! Who knows this type of addition to our activities might catch on.

I am confident that the Nottinghamshire Sojourners look forward to the next invitation to/from Clifton Chapter and indeed all and any other chapters that feel we might be able to assist or add something to their evenings.

John Doyle
A Nottinghamshire Sojourner