Bathtime for Forest Lodge

forest2018 2

W Bro Roger Sansom and his lady, Brenda, hosted a sunny August weekend in Bath for Forest Lodge’s annual excursion. The weather was very kind and encouraged everyone to go sight-seeing using bus and the river and also to explore the streets of the city on foot. As part of an exhibition, painted owls of varying sizes, could be found around most corners creating a lot of interest within the group. A few people were spotted entering local boutiques – no doubt having temporarily lost their way!

The group dispersed for the Friday evening meal. The hotel’s restaurant was tried as was a nearby Chinese and the recently opened Ivy. The hotel bar acted like a magnet at the end of the evening as people returned after dinner. All that can be said is that the barman was kept busy until the early hours!!

As tradition dictates, there was a black tie dinner on the Saturday night in a private room. The food was very good and the company excellent. We were forced to retire to the bar so that the hotel staff could clear up the room – well that’s our excuse and we are sticking to it.

Planning will now begin for next year’s sortie. Sadly you will have to remain on the edge of your seats for another 12 months awaiting news of the next adventure of Forest Lodge No 1852!