A Nottinghamshire Sojourner ventures out in daylight!

woodthorpe chapter

E. Companion John Doyle ventured out to visit Woodthorpe chapter, ‘a Daylight chapter’, on Friday 6th October, where he was greeted very warmly and was quickly brought in out of the sunlight before too much damage was done to his pale complexion.

Having recovered his composure, John presented a Powerpoint explanation of the symbolism of the Holy Royal Arch Jewel, a most interesting and informative lecture which was very well received by 12 members and 2 visitors who had some very interesting and searching questions answered.

The ME, E. Companion Urban Burrows, thanked John for his visit and presentation in a very sincere manner, and requested the ScE to record his and the chapters gratitude.

The Festive Board that followed was of a very good standard, and the warm comradery continued to make it a very enjoyable visit.