A first visit by a new Nottinghamshire Sojourner


On Wednesday 19th September 2018, Harlequin chapter was visited by Companion Craig Staples, his first solo visit as a member of the Nottinghamshire Sojourner’s team. Craig’s presentation was an Interactive talk on the ‘Proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia’.

The talk explains how this action by Cyrus provided a momentous event in the evolution of mankind, particularly in human rights and freedom.

Without that proclamation, the Jewish peoples would not have been freed from their captivity in Babylon. The Proclamation of Cyrus King of Persia stands with Magna Carta, the Human Rights Manifesto of the French Revolution and the United Nations Charter, as steps on the road to the freedom of mankind. Clearly Cyrus was a man ahead of his time.

The presentation was very well received by the members and visitors present, and was followed by a very enjoyable and friendly atmosphere at the festive board, where Craig was congratulated and thanked both by the ME and the DGSupt.