A daily advancement in masonic knowledge for Excelsior Chapter

Excelsior Chapter 2nd July 18

On Monday 2nd July, I visited Excelsior Chapter to give a PowerPoint presentation entitled, ’The Twelve Tribes of Israel’.

This presentation gives a history of the origin and development of the Israelitish nation, named after ‘Israel’ formerly known as Jacob, son of Isaac who’s name was changed after a night long battle with a celestial being. The lineage from Abraham to Solomon traces the movement and development of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and gives a description of each banner and it’s meaning. Also covered are the four leading banners of the tribes and their meaning. Finally the Leading banner of the Holy Royal Arch is displayed and explained.

A most interesting presentation, enjoyed by 15 members and 2 visitors, with some very interesting questions and answers both in the temple and also at the very enjoyable Festive Board. In all, a very enjoyable masonic evening.

Chris Yates
A Nottinghamshire Sojourner