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United Service Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

The United Service Lodge No. 4068 is based at the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham.
We meet on the fourth Wednesday of September through to March each year. Our meetings are well supported by both members of the Lodge and visitors from other Lodges.

Our members come from all walks of life, from RAF pilots to chefs, builders to salesmen, and range in ages from early twenties to mid-nineties.

Every member will provide a different answer as to what is important to them as members of the Lodge. It may include the traditions of the Lodge or the confidence they have gained, but above all, the levels of social interaction and friendship gained is the foremost on the minds of the members.

We are currently exploring the opportunity of becoming a Lodge of Interest within the Province, not only to individuals of a military background, but to all service personnel, including those who may perform a role which may involve contact with the public in service organisations.

As a Lodge, we are one of the few in the area that meet weekly, to allow all of the members to have the opportunity to practice and rehearse before the regular meeting.

The United Service Lodge has a long-term recognition of being a friendly and hospitable group, who regularly get together with wives/partners for sociable occasions.
Every year, we aim to hold events such as Christmas parties, Black-Tie as well as less formal occasions.
The Lodge has used these occasions to invite men, who are interested in joining, and their partners to meet the members allowing them to ask questions.

We have a strong history of being charitable and have raised substantial sums for various causes through numerous social occasions. These include the Salvation Army, Crisis, Cancer Research UK and the Armed Services Benevolent Funds. In addition, the Lodge members actively constructed a unit to help a local charity, Mesopotania, which enabled them to provide meals to those who are hungry in the local area. The Lodge is always looking for the opportunity to be involved in projects that will be advantageous to the local community.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

The United Service Lodge of Nottinghamshire No. 4068 was founded in 1920 by service personnel returning from the Great War to uphold camaraderie and create an opportunity to share so much more than the memories of conflict.

The Founders named the Lodge ‘United Service’ rather than the more usual ‘United Services’ adopted by service-linked Lodges in other areas and around the world – thus emphasising the need for future generations to follow the Founders in uniting in their service to Freemasonry, their communities and families. Today, membership is no longer restricted to those who have served in HM Forces.

Ideal Candidate

Essential Characteristics of Candidate

- Belief in a Supreme Being.
- Have no criminal record.
- Be 21 years of age or older (subject to Provincial approval of younger candidates).
- Not be motivated by opportunities of business or pecuniary advantage.

Desirable Characteristics of Candidate

Willing to be part of an organisation which is committed to high moral standard pursuit and achieving self- improvement.

Have key values of Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity.

Have an interest in being involved with an organisation that has a long-standing belief in the importance of the value of tradition, and the part that ritual plays in our Masonic activities.

A willingness to make daily advancement to gain self-knowledge, and become a better man, ethnicity and background holding no relevance.

Be willing to engage with the members to work as part of a team, while respecting others’ opinions and views, for the good of the future of the Lodge.

A willingness to both support and engage with Lodge activities, and undertake progressive offices, to best of the candidate’s ability.

As part of the lodge team, to regularly attend lodge meetings, and inform the Lodge when unable to do so.

He should have to support of his immediate family of his becoming a member of the Lodge.

Be able to afford the financial costs of Lodge membership, without causing detriment to himself or his immediate family.

Have a connection to a Service Organisation.

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