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Temple Lodge Lodge


Nottingham City

About the Lodge

Our lodge has previously had a good many members from the construction and allied industries, but members are now drawn from more diverse spectrum of vocations, including those enjoying retirement too – the lodge also has a healthy number of members with motorcycling and classic or interesting cars and vehicles, which they are happy to discuss and share with anyone.Our regular lodge meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday each month from November through to March, five meetings each year, with the Installation meeting being held each November. Meetings commence at 6pm promptly, with the exception of the November meeting, which commences at 5:30pm promptly. There are additional gatherings throughout the year that provide opportunities for informal learning and rehearsing, as well as opportunities to meet up in an informal setting with friends and family too, often at pubs dotted around the county to give opportunity for all to come along, dubbed our ‘pie and pint’ nights.At the core of all that we do and stand for, sits ‘Charity’. As an organisation in general, and as a lodge in particular, we do try
to fully support all national, as well as provincial charitable campaigns, and to this end, we encourage our members to subscribe to our regular giving facility, which enables members to donate little and often, into our designated charity account, to ensure that we are well prepared to contribute to any initiative when properly called upon.

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Lodge History

The first founders meeting was held on Friday 29th November 1929 at the Reform
Club, Victoria Street, Nottingham, The Temple Lodge No. 5196 was eventually
consecrated on 30th October 1930, the first new lodge to be consecrated in the new
Masonic Hall, built at Goldsmith Street, with the first regular meeting being held on
2nd December 1930.

Ideal Candidate

Because it operates in a traditional manner, with a constant focus on striving to operate
at a high standard, with ample opportunities to enable its members to join in every aspect of masonic life, learn, develop,flourish and thrive, and encourage participation within our own lodge activities, but also to encourage visiting of other lodges nationwide, where members can meet masons form across the UK, building and maintaining lifelong friendships in the process.

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