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About the Lodge

The members of Ryton Lodge, have a wide range of backgrounds and our demographics in ages, interests and professions vary.

The Lodge meets at 6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of September, October, and November. We then break for December and January, and regather and commence in February, March, and April. Our annual Installation meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of May and we meet at an earlier time, which is generally around 5:30pm.

We endeavour to open our Lodge approx.1 hour before our ceremony commences. Prior to these proceedings we encourage brethren to engage in creating, building and maintaining cordial and harmonious relationships with fellow brethren.

The Lodge opens at precisely 6.30pm and commences with the Masonic structure and accompanying ritual.

After our Lodge closes, a meal is traditionally served at approximately 8:00pm. Our evening meal consists of three courses with either pudding or cheese and biscuits.

Ryton Lodge holds an annual Black-Tie event, which is well attended. This is important to our members as it is our Brethren’s opportunity to say ‘thank-you’ to our wives and partners for supporting us and our lodge during the Masonic calendar year.

Ryton lodge meets on the third Tuesday of September, October, November then breaks for December and January. We then regather and commence in February, March and April. Our annual installation meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of May.
There are pre-meeting rehearsals, which are held the week before the lodge meeting. Please note that these rehearsal dates can vary because of the Masonic hall’s calendar.

We meet at the following address:
Ryton Lodge (8988).
Worksop masonic hall.
The Ambassador Suite.
33 Potter Street.
S80 2AE.
Telephone: 01909 472037.

The building has adequate parking for all brethren. Furthermore, members can utilise this parking space at any point that they need to. The Ambassador Suite is a short walk of Worksop bus terminus.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Ryton lodge (8988) has acquired a proud and distinguished history since being founded by Worksop Priory Lodge members in 1981.

Ideal Candidate

The Brethren of Ryton lodge are committed to attracting those candidates, who fit well with our ethos, traditions, and culture. We are interested in men who will embrace its learning ethos and participate in a strong delivery of reciting ritual from working memory. This is not essential but will limit the extent of your involvement and participation.

Men who have good interpersonal skills, willing to put themselves forward and to engage in the socialising aspects of freemasonry, various charitable activities of the lodge and general lodge functions. It is generally considered a necessity for our brethren’s significant others to encourage our engagement and to support our masonic responsibilities.
Prospective Members and candidates are encouraged to be in full or part time employment, actively seeking to secure employment, or retired with an adequate income or savings to be able to meet the financial responsibilities of Freemasonry.
Our Lodge maybe for you if you are a man who is looking to join an educational and progressive group, which embodies strong traditions, guiding principles and moral values.

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