Craft Lodges

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Lodge Name No  Hall
Annesley Lodge 1435 Nottingham
Ashfield Lodge 2412 Mansfield
Beeston Lodge 6103 Chilwell
Bentinck Lodge 3416 West Bridgford
Bramcote Lodge 8750 Chilwell
Broxtowe Lodge 3648 Mansfield
Byron Lodge 4014 Mansfield
Carnarvon Lodge 1909 Nottingham
Carolgate Lodge 8929 Retford
Castle Lodge 3219 West Bridgford
Chilwell Hall Lodge 8413 Long Eaton
Clifton Lodge 4753 Nottingham
Clumber Lodge 8199 Mansfield
Commercial Lodge 411 Nottingham
Corinthian Lodge 5528 Newark
Dame Agnes Mellers Lodge 3498 Nottingham
Daybrook Lodge 5522 Nottingham
De Sutton Lodge 7067 Mansfield
De Vere Lodge 1794 Nottingham
Duchess of Portland Lodge
3570 West Bridgford
Duke of Portland Lodge 2017 Nottingham
Dukeries Lodge 6289 Worksop
East Retford Lodge 8152 Retford
Edwalton Lodge 8214 West Bridgford
Edwinstowe Lodge 3998 Mansfield
Elliott Lodge 8569 Mansfield
Excalibur Lodge 8903 Nottingham
Fairham Lodge 8002 Nottingham
Forest Lodge 1852 Mansfield
Galway Lodge 5408 Nottingham
Gateway Lodge 8372 Worksop
Hayman Lodge 3414 West Bridgford
Kirkeby Lodge 5288 Mansfield
Le Willows Lodge 3852 Nottingham
Lenton Lodge 5584 Nottingham
Lodge of Charity 8769 West Bridgford
London Nottinghamshire Lodge 5133 Great Queen Street
Magnus Lodge 3441 Newark
Mansfield Lodge 7094 Mansfield
Minster Lodge 8510 Southwell
Musters Lodge 7095 West Bridgford
Newstead Lodge 47 Nottingham
Newton Lodge 1661 Newark
North Notts. Masters Lodge 9525 Worksop
North Notts. Rotary Lodge 8998 Worksop
Nottingham Rotary Lodge 3941 Nottingham
Notts. Installed Masters Lodge
3595 Nottingham
Nuthall Temple Lodge 6011 Nottingham
Old Elizabethan Lodge 7714 Mansfield
Old Priory Lodge 2594 Chilwell
Old Worksopian Lodge 6963 Worksop
Pax Magna Lodge 3916 Nottingham
Pelham Lodge 939 Worksop
Pinner Lodge 3300 Nottingham
Porchester Lodge 4907 Nottingham
Radcliffe with Hemlock Stone Lodge 5313 West Bridgford
Ravenshead Lodge 8176 Mansfield
Ribblesdale Lodge 8020 West Bridgford
Rivermead Lodge 8444 Nottingham
Robert Warburton Lodge 9464 West Bridgford
Robin Hood Lodge 1493 Nottingham
Robin Wilson Lodge of Research 9844 Nottingham
Round Table Lodge of Nottinghamshire 8604 Nottingham
Royal Sussex Lodge 402 Nottingham
Rushcliffe Lodge 3658 Chilwell
Ryton Lodge 8988 Worksop
Saint Peter's Lodge
8493 Mansfield
Semper Fratres Lodge 4467 Nottingham
Sherwood Lodge 3956 Nottingham
Southwell Lodge 1405 Nottingham
St. Giles' Lodge 4316 West Bridgford
St. Mary's Lodge 2302 Nottingham
The Stewart Hill Lodge 9706 Worksop
Temple Lodge 5196 Nottingham
The Harlequin Lodge
8004 Nottingham
The Newark Lodge
8332 Newark
The St. John's Lodge 8972 Newark
The Trent Lodge 4933 West Bridgford
Thoresby Lodge 3106 Nottingham
Trident Lodge 6407 Nottingham
United Service Lodge of Nottinghamshire 4068 Nottingham
University of Nottingham Lodge 7598 Nottingham
Vernon Lodge 1802 Retford
Walesby Forest 9674 Nottingham
Welbeck Lodge 2890 West Bridgford
West Bridgford Lodge 3943 West Bridgford
Woodthorpe Lodge 5645 Nottingham
Worksop Priory Lodge 7443 Worksop

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