Tell Me a Story


storytellerProfessional storytellers Mike Payton and Rachel Murray bring you a feast of stories from near and far with 'One World, Many Stories'.

Mike and Rachel will be performing a series of shows throughout the Community Fun Day from their special tent located next to the 'Teddy Bear Picnic' area on Smithy Row where they will be drawing from their vast repertoire of folktales, myths, legends and nonsense. They are experts at tailoring their stories to their audience – so if you are between three and a hundred and twenty-three, there will be a tale for you.

Mike is based in Beeston and co-runs the very successful Beeston Tales, a monthly storytelling club for adult audiences. He performs in schools all around the country and also a number of prestigious international schools, from Switzerland to Mexico. He has a special interest in the legends of Mexico and has been employed by The British Museum, The Wellcome Trust, and the Old Vic as part of their Day of the Dead celebrations. Audiences talk of his crazed energy and ability to switch from kinetic fooling to deadly serious all within the same tale.

“Mike’s passion, enthusiasm and incredible talent kept hundreds mesmerised …” Curator, The Wellcome Trust.

Rachel is based in Matlock and runs the Matlock Storytelling Café, currently entering its fifteenth year. She is a brilliant performer, using gesture and language to great effect in stories for all ages, and builds a great rapport with children. She also works in schools all around the Midlands and worked under Tower Bridge as part of London’s celebration of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.