Provincial Structure 2017-2018

The Leaders
Provincial Grand Master R. W. Brother P. G. Marshall
Deputy Provincial Grand Master W. Brother A. C. Rainbow
Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Brother C. D. Davis
Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Brother J. A. Starling
The Secretariat
Provincial Grand Secretary W. Brother R. N. Grummitt
Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary W. Brother R. Cheetham
Provincial Grand Secretary's Personal Assistant Mrs Pamela Hawley
Provincial Grand Almoner W. Brother U. Burrows
Assistant Almoner W. Brother R. Brenni
Assistant Almoner W. Brother A. K. Hollingworth
Assistant Almoner W. Brother R. Nuthall
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies W. Brother D. R. Abraham
Provincial Grand Charity Steward W. Brother B. Woodhead
Provincial Information Manager Brother D. Eades
Hall Information Officers:  
  Chilwell W. Brother P. Scott
  Mansfield Brother S. Leeming
  Newark W. Brother A. Crampton
  Nottingham W. Brother T. Berrington
  Nottingham W. Brother T. Owen
  Retford W. Brother B. Lord
  West Bridgford
W. Brother F. Noonan
W. Brother G. Smith
Provincial Events Officer W. Brother I. Wilson
Introduction to Freemasonry
Provincial Programme Organiser W. Brother D. Wall
Provincial Grand Treasurer W. Brother N. W. Turner
Assistant Treasurer W. Brother E. N. Preston
Auditor W. Brother D. Wilson
Auditor W. Brother R. Minshall
Library and Museum
Honarary Librarian W. Brother R. M. Hunt
Honarary Curator W. Brother G. C. Bond
Honarary Curator (Jewels, Regalia & Warrants) W. Brother D. Solomon
Provincial Newsletter
Editor W. Brother K. Rolling
Provincial Membership Officer W. Brother G. Riche
Membership Administrator W. Brother J. Crossley
Liaison Officer W. Brother J. Crossley
Provincial Grand Registrar
W. Brother A. B. Shearer
Assistant Registrar
W. Brother T. Narroway
  W. Brother J. B. Rodgers
  W. Brother A. R. Horobin
  W. Brother B. A. Leaper
Training and Education
Provincial Training and Education Officer W. Brother G. Riche
Provincial Grand Mentor W. Brother N. Airey
Provincial Grand Orator W. Brother C. Starnes
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Year Book
Editor W. Brother I. T. A. Finden
Editor Elect W. Brother W. Hill
Assistant Editor W. Brother P. Richardson
Assistant Editor W. Brother B. Cameron
Photographer W. Brother W. K. Goddard
Young Masons (The Byron Club)
Programme Organiser Brother M. Lymn Rose
Provincial Web Site
Provincial Webmaster W. Brother W. K. Goddard
Deputy Provincial Webmaster W. Brother P. F. Olko