An Introduction to the Music Association

 The object of the Association is to promote the use and enjoyment of music amongst Brethren, their families and friends.

Use of music: In Lodge or at a Lodge social function, the Association is able to offer recommendations of either singers or organists from within our community or outside artistes. The Association also holds copies of suitable music for these occasions.

Over the years we have presented entertainment in the form of: Desert Island Discs featuring Leaders of the Province; Old Time Music Halls featuring 'home grown' talent; outside artistes both instrumental and vocal and assisted other Masonic bodies with any expertise we may possess. This is our manner of raising funds, as well as direct gifts from Lodges, to further our Charitable giving. 

Our on-going aim is the furtherance of Youth Music which we have done in the form of Charitable gifts to The Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra; The Southwell Minster Choir for the support of a Choral scholarship; musical instruments for use in Musical Therapy for handicapped children, and to individual recipients in the form of bursary or direct gifts. This was highlighted at the Tercentenary event in Old Market Square where the NMMA sponsored: The Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra; Lily Taylor-Ward (Soprano) and the Nottingham Ukrainian Children's Choir and Dancers. We also organised and sponsored the mid-term concert for the 2018 Festival.

As most Lodges are only too well aware, the Province is short of organists and singers, the NMMA does what it can to fill these gaps but there is a fundamental shortage. So Brethren, even if it is many years ago you took piano lessons we would be keen to offer helpful tuition to get you through a regular meeting at the keyboard (you don't have to use your feet). Singers, we are always happy to give guidance where possible.

Your contribution

All members of the Province are members of the NMMA and may stand for office on the committee and help with our activities. 

The Nottinghamshire Masonic Music Association would like to thank those lodges that support our efforts through contributions to our funds and would be pleased to accept more through the Treasurer:
W Bro D J Robertson, 81 Harrow Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7DY.

The Association would be pleased to hear any ideas from brethren for future events.

Presidents: The Deputy & Assistant Provincial Grand Masters
Chairman: W. Brother David Ross
Musical Advisor: W. Brother Richard Howarth
Secretary: W. Brother Nigel Turner
Treasurer: W. Brother David Robertson