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THANKS to the generosity of FREEMASONS,
nearly 4,500 people and over 70 charities
have benefited from £18.9 million in support
how it breaks down
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During the last 12 months, we’ve been able to provide over £14.2 million in support of Masonic families experiencing a financial, health or family need.

In the Province of Nottinghamshire, 41 Freemasons or their family members have benefitted from our wide-range of support and services with grants amounting to £97,237.

During the same period, we’ve also looked beyond Freemasonry. We’ve awarded over £4.7 million in financial grants to charities that help our communities, advance medical research and provide vital support services such as hospices and air ambulances.

You can find out what our support means to some of the individuals and charities we have helped below.

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The families we support often need our help following an unexpected event. Watch our short video to find out how we helped the Marchington family.

Watch here >>

mcf young people with cancer   mcf blind partially sighted
SUPPORTing YOUNG people with CANCER in south west england
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reducing isolation for blind and partially sighted people
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We awarded a £75,738 to CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading cancer charity for children and young people.



We awarded £40,000 to Living Paintings, a charity which runs over 250 bookclubs for blind and partially sighted people.