NUAST students get a glimpse of the future


Midland Masonic Education Partnership recently organised a presentation showcasing a British Aeronautics Innovation company, VRCO, for over 260 students and staff at NUAST, the Partnership’s flagship academy.

VRCO has a vision for an ‘eVTOL’ (electric vertical take-off and Landing craft) with a new form of personal aircraft as the initial phase. It is a showcase for British Innovation with advanced lightweight composites enhanced with space age materials.

Working with leading innovators and key industry partners at the forefront of the UK’s power storage systems, the craft will be fast-charging and have enhanced range.

The NeoXcraft by VRCO will be a luxury human transporter, capable of vertical take-off and landing and transition to high-speed forward flight. It will take off like a helicopter, fly like a plane, drive on roads and land and take off from water. No other craft yet conceived carries an equal measure of attention to detail of the luxurious and spacious interior.

The company’s CEO and co-founder Dan Hayes told the students that it was anticipated operational testing would be carried out this year allowing certification during 2020 and has invited a group of students to visit the design facility in Derby at the beginning of July to see a full-size working craft.

(with acknowledgement and thanks to VRCO for text taken from their website).