Holy Royal Arch News:
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E. Companion Hedley Mason - 50 years service

At the Installation Convocation of De Vere Chapter, on 9th May 2016, members and visitors were delighted to witness Excellent Companion Hedley Mason being presented with a certificate marking his 50 years membership of the Royal Arch by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion Mark Holliday.

Grand Superintendent’s Address to Provincial Grand Chapter 2016

Thank you all for your commitment to the Royal Arch by attending our Annual Convocation today and by the support you give to myself and the other leaders throughout the year.

Ceremonial Visit to Ravenshead Chapter

This evening saw the Provincial Grand Chapter Ceremonial Team - led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over Nottinghamshire Richard Vernon Gutteridge, the Deputy Grand Superintendent and the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals - attend an Exaltation Ceremony which saw W. Brother Joseph Roy Fox become a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch.

Rule Change in Royal Arch Membership

At the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter on 28th April 2016 an amendment to the Royal Arch Regulations was approved which I thought would benefit from some additional explanation.

Congratulations to all HRA Masons receiving Craft Honours

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (Excellent Companion R.V. Gutteridge) has congratulated the Provincial Grand Master and his administrative and ceremonial officers for a splendid Annual Craft meeting last Friday (6th May 2016).

No deceiving Woodthorpe Chapter on the 1st of April

It may have been the morning of 1st April, but the eyes of the companions attending the installation meeting of Woodthorpe Chapter were not deceived; they really did see the ME Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent and the two Principals in attendance.