Holy Royal Arch News:
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Nottinghamshire Sojourner's visit to Clifton Chapter

Companion John Doyle attended Clifton chapter on Friday the 24th of June to make an interactive presentation regarding the ‘History and legacy of scribes Ezra and Nehemiah’.

A Nottinghamshire Sojourner visits Alexander Chapter

On Tuesday 24th May 2016, Companion Chris Yates attended Alexander Chapter  to present "An interactive discussion of some stories from the Royal Arch". The lecture was taken from a paper written by COmpanion J. R. T. Cavanagh from the province of East Lancashire.

Rule Change in Royal Arch Membership

At the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter on 28th April 2016 an amendment to the Royal Arch Regulations was approved which I thought would benefit from some additional explanation.

An Evening of Lectures at Harlequin Chapter

On Thursday 16th June 2016, The Harlequin Chapter provided an evening of lectures ...

E. Companion Hedley Mason - 50 years service

At the Installation Convocation of De Vere Chapter, on 9th May 2016, members and visitors were delighted to witness Excellent Companion Hedley Mason being presented with a certificate marking his 50 years membership of the Royal Arch by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion Mark Holliday.

Grand Superintendent’s Address to Provincial Grand Chapter 2016

Thank you all for your commitment to the Royal Arch by attending our Annual Convocation today and by the support you give to myself and the other leaders throughout the year.