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Sojourner visit to Nottinghamshire First Principles Chapter

Nottinghamshire First Principals Chapter No 3595 recently extended an invitation to the Nottinghamshire Sojourners to deliver a lecture at their meeting on the 26th of July.

Accordingly Companion John Doyle attended the meeting on behalf of the Sojourners and presented a lecture more appropriately described as an interactive discussion of ‘Stories From the Holy Royal Arch’ for a whole host of Chapter Officers were actively involved in delivering the lecture:

  • Graham Wood - Z
  • Tony Hopewell - H
  • Mike Ronan -  J
  • Ralph Hitchin - Scribe E
  • Kevin Rolling - Scribe N
  • John Mascard - Principal Sojourner
  • Nigel Morley - 1st Assistant Sojourner
  • John Bassford - acting 2nd Assistant Sojourner

Many elements of the Royal Arch were mentioned with references to where we meet, what do we expect to find and why do we refer to each other as companions? These and other questions were most capably dealt with by the officers of the Chapter and made for a most informative and enjoyable event in the Temple and sponsored further discussion pre and during the festive board that followed.

There were a total of 32 Companions, including The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Richard Gutteridge in attendance, of which 5 were visitors.

During the course of the evening our attention was drawn to the “pop-up display”, which companions will see in and around the province showing that the fourth step, post Entered Apprentice, Fellow craft and Master Mason, is the Holy Royal Arch and the appearance of the “pop-up” will hopefully enable all companions to, if not initiate discussion, about becoming a Companion, at least be able to use this as a useful reminder that we should be encouraging Masons to join our happy band.