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Sojourner return visit to Newark Vernon Bussell Chapter

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On Wednesday 6th September, Companion Chris Yates made a third visit to Newark Vernon Bussell Chapter to deliver an excellent lecture, written by Comp Bryan Spilsbury, on the ‘Five Regular Platonic Bodies’ (with accompanying PowerPoint presentation) 

This is the first of a range of PowerPoint presentations, taking the Nottinghamshire Sojourners into a whole new era - what price technology?

The presentation explains the discovery of the five regular geometric solids, some of which date back to the Neolithic period, and beyond; which were then explored by Plato and Theaetetus , and later applied to our masonic culture. It was Plato who reasoned that the earth was created by four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, all enclosed in the sphere of the universe.

The presentation continues with a description of the connection through the Triple tau to the layout of our chapters and our Holy Royal Arch jewel, and the symbolism contained therein.

The chapter was attended by 15 members and 6 visitors, who all received it very well, and some very interesting questions were asked and answered, followed by a very entertaining festive board.

I was very enthusiastically received and greeted by all concerned, and made to feel very welcome, which all in all made my 50th chapter visit a very memorable experience. Companion Bryan Spilsbury was thanked by the chapter for all his hard work and skill in producing our first PowerPoint presentation, with a third in progress.