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Rule Change in Royal Arch Membership

rvg2016At the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter on 28th April 2016 an amendment to the Royal Arch Regulations was approved which I thought would benefit from some additional explanation.

Every candidate for the Royal Arch must of course be a member of a Craft Lodge at the time of his admission. However under the old regulations, it was possible after this date for a Companion to resign from his Craft Lodge without detriment to his membership of the Royal Arch. The new regulation comes into effect on 31st December 2016 and states that after this date should a Companion cease to be a member of a Craft Lodge, then that Companion’s membership of the Royal Arch will also cease.

The most important point is that this rule change is not retrospective. If you are already a member of the Royal Arch and not a member of a Craft Lodge, then you will be able to continue your Chapter membership going forward without a problem.

Now consider a Companion who is a member of the Craft and Royal Arch at 31st December 2016. Sometime after this date he decides to resign from his only Craft Lodge, perhaps the date is no longer convenient. Under this circumstance the Companion will automatically be considered to have resigned from his Chapters.

Similarly, if the Companion is excluded from his only Lodge then he will automatically be excluded from his Chapters. At this moment in time I am not sure how in practice this rule will be applied, but he will be lost to the Royal Arch until he joins another Craft Lodge.

So for the future a Companion of the Royal Arch must remain a member of a Craft Lodge. The Lodge may be a normal Lodge or a Past Masters Lodge in any Province under the United Grand Lodge of England and the membership may be normal or honorary.

Please remember that your membership of the Royal Arch is important to me and I do not wish to lose any member inadvertently by this change of rule.

Richard Gutteridge
Grand Superintendent
Provincial Grand R.A. Chapter of Nottinghamshire