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‘The Proclamation of Cyrus'

Porchester Chapter

On Monday 7th November 2016, Companion Chris Yates (a Nottinghamshire Sojourner) visited Porchester Chapter to present an Interactive explanation of ‘The Proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia’.

The paper lays out the history of the vast regions conquered by various warrior nations, and eventually ruled by King Cyrus the Great. Very early in his reign, Cyrus believed that the peoples of the conquered nations would be more loyal and productive if they were allowed to return to their native lands, and thus made his Proclamation. However it was more than just a decision to let the people of Jerusalem return and rebuild their temple, it was a Charter of Conditions by which he would rule all the nations under his control, and thus could be considered a forerunner of all subsequent Charters of Independence.

The Companions of the Chapter explained this history and concepts in a proficient manner, making it an extremely entertaining evening for all present. The ME's thanks to Companion Chris was genuine and sincere, with all present showing their appreciation with a round of applause.The Festive Board which followed was convivial with some earnest discussions regarding the presentation.