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Grand Superintendent’s Address to Provincial Grand Chapter 2016

rvg2016Thank you all for your commitment to the Royal Arch by attending our Annual Convocation today and by the support you give to myself and the other leaders throughout the year.

I also thank the acting officers of Provincial Grand Chapter for their support over the last year. I must pay particular tribute to the main workers of the Province in the administration and ceremonial teams. These Companions freely devote a large proportion of their time throughout the year to carry out their duties and their contribution reaches a maximum as this day approaches.

The Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, David Scully, the Provincial Grand Registrar, Graham Jones, and the Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra, David Barber, are dependent on the central computer systems used by all the Provinces and maintained by the team in London. Since the planned systems upgrade to Adelphi 2 on 31st July 2015, things have been very difficult for these Companions and I thank them for their ongoing patience while the team in London attempt to rectify the problems.

In Nottinghamshire we have been particularly affected by the continued absence of some key management reports on which we depend. I share the frustration of our key officers, but despite spending my whole career in developing large scale computer systems and databases, and indeed being a Fellow of the British Computer Society, I can only offer the same consolation as that currently provided by London – don’t worry Companions someday your prints will come ...