Holy Royal Arch News:
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Four new Royal Arch Reps

The Grand Superintendent, E Comp R.V Gutteridge, has appointed four new Companions to promote the Royal Arch in their respective Lodges with a view to expanding the membership of the Royal Arch in Nottinghamshire. They are:

  • W Bro. B L Owen, Castle Lodge
  • W Bro P Jackson, East Retford Lodge
  • W Bro K J Jennings, Chilwell Hall Lodge
  • W Bro M F Holliday, Robert Warburton Lodge  

The Companions were chosen because they are experienced in the Royal Arch and have sufficient knowledge and understanding to be able to explain, in simple terms, the role of the Royal Arch in Freemasonry and its relationship to the Craft.

They are expected to encourage possible Exaltees to pursue their interest in the Royal Arch, even if the prospective Exaltee is unlikely to join their own Chapter.

The Grand Superintendent said: “I am delighted to appoint these enthusiastic Companions and wish them every success in encouraging the Master Masons of their Lodge to complete their education and knowledge of Craft Masonry. They will no doubt point out that no brother can consider his Masonic knowledge complete until he has joined the Royal Arch.”