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Drama at Goldsmith Street

On Wednesday 27th July, Nottinghamshire First Principals Chapter received a presentation given by a team from Metropolitan Grand Chapter entitled ‘The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus’.

It took the form of a playlet in which Companions were, in an amusing, informative and dramatic way, taken through the offices in the Chapter, with descriptions of the characters represented and their background history, including the relationship to the Ceremony of the Veils.

The team of three presenters, accompanied by E Comp Ian Currans, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent, also gave guidance on the protocols and procedures that should be observed, and explained some of the symbolism in the RA story.

The presentation, which included an unexpectedly dramatic entrance by one of the team, was enjoyed by our four leaders, and many Nottinghamshire Companions, senior and junior alike.

Our own team of Nottingham Sojourners is investigating the possibility of incorporating some of the ideas into its impressive library of presentations for RA Chapters. The team can be contacted through the PrGScrE.

The playlet evolved from the very successful ‘Talking Heads’ that was developed specifically for Lodge meetings, the next presentation of which will be given at a meeting of Robin Hood Lodge 1493 on Wednesday 12th October 2016 at Goldsmith Street.

The PGM will be attending, along with the full Ceremonial team. To reserve a place, please contact the Secretary, W Bro Alan Rhodes:
0115 9282152.

An evening not to be missed!