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A Nottinghamshire Sojourner embarks on Missionary Work into Deepest Derbyshire

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On Tuesday 15th November 2016, Companion Steve Bradford (of the Nottinghamshire Sojourners) sailed for foreign climes to the Fairfield Chapter No 2224, in the Province of Derbyshire, where he delivered a PowerPoint Presentation entitled ‘The Five Regular Platonic Bodies’.

The presentation explains the Geometrical Theory that there are only Five Regular Solids possible: the Cube; Tetrahedron; Octahedron; Icosahedron and Dodecahedron – and when associated with Plato’s theory that the universe was formed from the four main elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, each of which he allocated to a Regular Solid and enclosed in the fifth, representing The Sphere of the universe.

The presentation then proceeded to consider the Five Regular Solids in relation to the Holy Royal Arch, and their layout in the Chapter.

The Fairfield Chapter was attended by 15 members and 2 visitors, who were all very impressed with an interesting and thought provoking lecture; several questions were posed by the Chapter during the lecture including: "What are their origins in the Royal Arch" and a question relating to the Platonic Institute in Florence.

At the excellent Festive Board that followed, there were some stimulating and lively debates regarding the presentation, rounding off a very pleasant evening.