Holy Royal Arch News:
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Spot the bird!

When visiting Welbeck Chapter the Grand Superintendent noticed the unusual number of Companions that have bird surnames. In an idle moment Excellent Companion Richard Cumberland followed up on this by producing the more complete list of masons from the Nottinghamshire Year Book. Perhaps you can think of more?

Why Join the Royal Arch?

ra logoThe Royal Arch leads the candidate from the practical to the spiritual a fascinating journey of self- knowledge and self-discovery ...

The Role of a Chapter Director of Ceremonies

The Director of Ceremonies is a pivotal role in a Chapter being responsible for the quality of the ceremonies. The standard of ceremonial is a key factor in maintaining the interests of the Chapter members. All Chapter DCs are encouraged to download and read the new Provincial Guide (see link at bottom of page).

Thoughts of a new Royal Arch Companion

Ben Scott-Nelson, of St Giles’ Lodge, was exalted in to Castle Chapter on 15 January 2016. Here he describes his reasons for joining the Royal Arch and his initial experiences.

Visiting Officer Scheme

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent has introduced a Grand Chapter Visiting Officer Scheme. He has appointed 12 officers of Supreme Grand Chapter to visit the Chapters of the province on a regular basis.

The Nottinghamshire Sojourners

"Anxious to sojourn amongst you and enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Holy Royal Arch"

If your Chapter is looking to increase interest in the Royal Arch, broaden understanding and encourage new Exaltees - the Nottinghamshire Sojourners can assist.