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The Province of Nottinghamshire and the Lieutenancy

The Lord Lieutenant of a county is the Queen’s personal representative for that area. The current Lord Lieutenant is Sir John Peace who, since taking up that role in the summer of 2012, has shown interest in how Freemasonry works within the communities of the County and discussions have taken place to determine how The Province may assist in delivering his vision for making Nottinghamshire better.

Those brethren and their families who attended the Family Church Service on Monday 25 July 2016, will have noted that W Bro Geoffrey Bond (PAGDC) and a member of Royal Sussex Lodge No 402, being escorted to his seat dressed in the uniform of a Deputy Lieutenant of the County. Although W Bro Geoffrey retired as a DL (as it is referred to) earlier in the year, the Lord Lieutenant kindly asked him to represent him at the Service.

What many brethren may not know is that the Province has strong links with the Lieutenancy and had some late circumstances prevented W Bro Geoffrey from being able to be present, RW Bro Robin Wilson would have stepped into his shoes as he was appointed a DL in April of this year.

At present the Province is able to boast 3 DLs in the persons of RW Bro Wilson, W Bro Trever Fletcher and
Bro Eddie Maxwell.