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50 Year Certificate Presentation
W. Brother William Raymond Harris

St Peter’s Lodge No 8493
Monday 1st February 2016

50 Year Certificate Presentation
W Bro William Raymond Harris

(Extract taken from the PGM’s presentation)

PH 50years1On Wednesday 5th January, a 35 year old man went to Chilwell Masonic Hall and was Initiated into Beeston Lodge No 6103. That individual was one William Raymond Harris. The Provincial Grand Master at the time was R W Bro Chares Henry Venn Elliott.

Some 8 years later, on 2nd October 1974 to be exact, W. Brother Ray was Installed as the Worshipful Master of Beeston Lodge. The mention of charity gives the clue to what attracted W. Brother Harris to Freemasonry in the first place. Whilst working on fund raising for the Lifeboat Association in Beeston, he encountered a publican who happened to be a Freemason and conversations about masonry’s significant involvement with charitable work ensued and the rest is history as they say.

Only a few months prior to becoming Master of Beeston Lodge, W. Brother Harris was received as a member of Saint Peters Lodge 8493 on 7th January 1974, almost 8 years to the day after his Initiation. Not surprisingly W. Brother Harris immersed himself in the life of Saint Peter’s Lodge and was Appointed Almoner on 5th March 1979, a post he held for 13 years.

In terms of life within the Province, W. Brother Harris was appointed a Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies by R. W. Brother Elliott on 1st April 1981. On 1st April 1987 R. W. Brother The Rev'd Canon Robert Tinsley Warburton promoted him to Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon and he then received a further promotion to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 1993.

W. Brother Harris married Joy, a Home Economics teacher on 25th August 1951 and they had a son David, who had a career with Derbyshire Police. W. Brother Harris also has 2 much cherished granddaughters living in Chesterfield.

W. Brother Harris ran his own construction company with a focus on roofing work for local authorities and breweries. W. Brother Ray set about getting involved with the local community and was a founder member of Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary Club. He served as the club’s second President and remains a member.

Some 20 + years or ago, W. Brother Ray and Joy emigrated in order to enjoy the benefits of the Spanish sunshine, where he became Master of the Port of Javea lodge. During his time living in Spain, W. Brother Ray still managed to visit Saint Peters Lodge and remained a member throughout; and in December 2015 he and Joy returned to Nottinghamshire.

On behalf of Saint Peter’s Lodge No 8493 and a very grateful Province, the PGM Rt. W. Brother Philip G. Marshall expressed his delight of being able to present W. Brother Harris with a Certificate marking 50 years continuous membership of the Craft.