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Using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) in emails

 When other individuals provide you with their email address, either directly or by sending you a message, there is the implicit expectation that you will not reveal it to others without their permission.

What's Your Answer?

A Mason is sometimes asked by a friend, a neighbour, or a business associate, "What do the Masons do?" The question may be worded more generally, "What are the Masons?"

Lifelites Charity

 For most of us, there is nothing simpler than having a conversation with someone, whether it is to ask how they are or how their day is going; communication is a vital part of our everyday lives.

The Official History of Freemasonry - Part 5

In the later part of the eighteenth century the two main Grand lodges of England, the "Moderns" and the "Antients" Grand lodges, began to collaborate and to establish some communication lines between themselves. Many "Moderns" lodges adopted a ritual very similar to that used by the "Antients", and most moderate Masons on both sides worked ...