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Corpus Christi Preceptory
Rare Installation

At its regular and installation meeting, on Wednesday 31st August 2016, Corpus Christi Preceptory No 462 was presented with a rare opportunity to install not only the Preceptor elect, Knight Philip Hudson, but also Knight Philip Graham Marshall of the Clermont Preceptory, who is the Provincial Grand Master of Craft Freemasonry.

The installation was performed under a special dispensation from Great Priory in the presence of 59 Eminent and Brother Knights at the Masonic Hall, Welbeck Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Both Knights took their Obligations together and after Knights below the rank of Installed Preceptor withdrew; a Conclave of Installed Preceptors was convened when the Installing Preceptor, Eminent Knight Christopher Strong, conveyed the secrets of the chair to both individuals.

Knight Marshall was then installed into the Chair and presented with the baton and collarette of his rank before being placed in a seat in the Temple. Knight Hudson was subsequently installed as Eminent Preceptor of the Preceptory.

All Knights were readmitted and E. Kt. Hudson was proclaimed as Eminent Preceptor before appointing and investing his officers for the ensuing year.

During his reply to the Provincial toast at the Festive Board, the Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight Andrew Christopher Rainbow, congratulated both Eminent Knights and stated that whilst this had been a very special occasion, it had not been a unique in the Provinces history - as it was known that it had been performed on two previous occasions. (E. Kt. F. J. Roth, Abbey Chapter Preceptory, received the same honour in 1963 and E. Kt. William Leighton Langton, Abbey Chapter Preceptory, likewise in 1976. Rt. E. Kt. J. N. G. Howitt received the same honour in the Preceptory of St. George No.6 in London and then its Malta equivalent in The Nottinghamshire Preceptory No. 510 in 2013).

corpus christi

  E Kt DJ Crossley  | R Em Kt DGR Lovett |   R Em Kt AC Rainbow |   Kt PG Marshall |    E Kt C Strong     |    Kt PA Hudson    | V Em Kt AM Everington
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