Bowling Association News

The Association is very active currently with 10 fixtures arranged, both internal competitions and matches against local club opposition. All home matches are played by kind permission at Proprietary BC Nottingham.

For a number of years, we engaged in competition against Leicestershire, Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire Bowling Associations, sadly now all are defunct. However, recent contact with Derbyshire MBA has led to games against our near neighbours.

The recent Annual General Meeting shows:

  • The Association is financially very healthy
  • Charitable giving continues
  • The membership gives support to the captain insofar as all fixtures were honoured in 2016
  • All Officers were again available to serve the Association and were re-elected

The four-day tour of Norfolk takes place in June; thanks to the organisation skills of Vice President W Bro Robert Sharp, a hotel has been fully reserved just for NMBA and our party of 40 players and guests. The fixtures are planned and all are looking forward to June. The Annual Presentation Luncheon is to take place on Sunday 2nd April at the Masonic Hall, Mansfield. It is pleasing that in attendance will be the PGM and the past PGM, both of whom hold honorary positions in the Association.

Nottinghamshire Masonic Bowling fraternity would welcome any Freemasons, whether experienced or novice bowlers, to our happy group. We have 10 friendly fixtures and competitions through the season, starting on 17th May 2017.

Patron: RW Bro Philip Marshall - PGM
President (2017):  W. Bro M.D. Neville
Treasurer: W. Bro B. Binks
Captain: Bro R. A. Sanson
Secretary: W. Bro Gordon Beastall

For further details, please contact the Association Secretary, Gordon Beastall:
01623 627 472