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IMG 1384
L-R: Philip Marshall (PGM Craft); David Wall (AsstPGM Craft); David Craddock (WM); Christopher Adkin (DeptPGM Mark);
Geoff Tindall (Past DeptPGM Mark).


IMG 1386A recent meeting of the Saint Peter’s Mark Lodge (Mansfield) saw David Wall, AsstPGM (Craft), advanced into the Mark Degree in a ceremony led by the current WM, David Craddock.

David was welcomed by all the Brethren present including Phillip Graham Marshall (PGM Craft), Christopher Adkin (Deputy PGM Mark), Geoff Tindall (Past Deputy PGM Mark), Andrew Rainbow (Provincial Prior Knights Templar) and other distinguished guests.

An enjoyable evening was had by all.

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