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3igsThis year’s Rose Croix Church Service took place on Sunday 22nd July at St. Mark’s Church, Mansfield by kind permission of the Priest, Fr James Curry.

The wonderfully uplifting Service was constructed and conducted by Ill...Bro The Revd John Burgess, Il...Bro Paul Jackson played the organ and the Old Testament lesson was read by the outgoing Inspector General, V...Ill...Bro Michael Page BEM, while the New Testament lesson was read by the incoming Inspector General, V...Ill...Bro Richard Howarth – the amusing significance of which was appreciated by the congregation.

All who attended were delighted that, after a brief hiatus, the Service had returned to the calendar, and it is hoped that it will, once again, become an annual event.

A splendid lunch at Mansfield Masonic Hall ensued, after which presentations were made to Cheryl Greasley in appreciation of the unstinting support she gives to her husband Tony, the indefatigable and invaluable District Recorder, and to Maureen Page for everything she has done over the last ten years in supporting Mike’s incredibly successful tenure as Inspector General.

mp rhMike had expressed the wish that, when his Patent expired, there should be no fuss, presentations etc., and so, for the first time in ten years, his wishes were totally ignored. Every Chapter in the District readily made a significant contribution towards something to mark his retirement, and for the first time in living memory, he was, momentarily, lost for words and the stunned expression on his face was priceless.

It was also a great pleasure to have in attendance Past Inspector General V...Ill...Bro Graham Aitken and his wife Maureen, along with V...Ill...Bro John Boyington CBE, Inspector General for Yorkshire West Riding, and his wife Jill.

Images: Three Generations of Inspector General & Presentation to Mike

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