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Opening of the new Learning Suite
at Headway Nottingham



On Tuesday 29th July, my Wife Kate and I visited Headway premises in Nottingham with Mrs Maureen Gutteridge, to officially open their new Learning Suite which has been sponsored by our donation. We were joined by V W Bro Geoffrey Tindall and his wife Faith to witness the culmination of the appeal launched by the late R W Bro Michael Gutteridge, back in March 2010.

Maureen skilfully cut a ribbon across the entrance to the Learning Suite and officially declared the room open. In pride of place within the room is a plaque in memory of her late husband.

We were most impressed with the work that has gone into their new Learning Suite which is already proving most successful; providing a quiet facility where those using Headway can undertake various activities to aid their rehabilitation and recovery in many ways.

Furthermore, Headway Nottingham is now shown as one of the leading branches with Headway nationally and considered a model branch; we were assured that our donation has played a significant part towards achieving this recognition.

At the rear of the premises is a large area of garden that is now being re-developed involving some of the users of the facility. This development is being funded by the collection taken at R W Bro Gutteridge's funeral earlier this year and when completed, the garden will feature a memorial inscription in his memory.

As Michael Tansley Thomas, the manager of Headway Nottingham observed, 'the legacy of R W Bro Mike Gutteridge continues'.

I was then very pleased to present a further cheque to Headway, Nottingham for £650.00 with the continued good wishes of the Nottinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, towards the garden improvements.

Whilst the day was tinged with the sadness of the loss of Mike, it was a happy occasion and it was with great pleasure that we witnessed how our donation has made such a significant improvement to Headway's efforts in helping people with head and brain injury.


R W Bro Peter M Ball
Provincial Grand Master
Nottinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

August 2015

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